Whenever I mention Mr Bean, my friends will laugh when they hear his name. Mr Bean is probably one of the most popular comedians around the world, and many people like him because of various reasons. One of the reasons why I like him is because he is able to capture my attention, without having to speak a single word.

He makes use of his funny facial expressions to act in his shows. Many people love to see his expressions, including me. I think he has done a great job when delivering his performance, and I believe that it is very difficult for anyone else to to replicate his success.

You can find many funny Mr Bean videos online. Search on YouTube and you can literally find hundreds of them. Watching these videos can really brighten up your day, especially if you had a hard day. He has also acted in quite a number of movies, and they are also very well received.

Mr Bean has only one friend, and that is his teddy bear. Many shops do sell replicates of this popular teddy bear, and you can even purchase them online. You may want to consider getting one as a souvenir, since he has already retired from acting.