If you commit a crime with the confidence that you will not be caught by the police then you should remember that with the advancements of technology in multiple sectors it has become easier to find out the criminals who have committed any crime. Digital fingerprints technique is one of the important techniques, which made the process of identifying the criminals easily. Once you identified as a criminal by these testing techniques, it would become more difficult for you to continue the same life you live. A criminal record does not only change your social life but professional life as well. Thus, if you want yourself to be away from any kind of criminal charges then do not even think to do anything wrong in your life.

Obtaining pardons and waivers help these individual to manage their Canadian criminal record and avoid their social and economic life from these offences. As soon as an individual obtained pardon, his name as a criminal gets removed from the public database. It does not mean that the criminals records are completely removed from the system but the record is still remains with the main system handling all the records. Thus to remove your criminals records from everywhere it is necessary for individuals to obtain U.S waiver. This is why pardons and waivers services are used for clearing the criminal records of individuals from the main database.