A lof of my clients who are trying to lose weight (or as they call it dimagrire) have tried at least once in their life to do fasting. Honeslty, when i was younger and overweight i tried it too, hoping that it would bring me results.

Using that method i failed miserably, and so did all of my clients who tried it (they call it ). There are many reasons for this, and the most important one in my opinion is psycholigical.

During a period of fasting, in fact, not only our body is deprived of things that we crave. Our mind, too needs a few things to stay fit and healthy and among these there are foods that we like eating. Some people love chocolate, others love sushi, others live pizza.

The biggest mistake to do is to cut them completely from our diet. If we love them so much and we dont eat them at least once a week, then we are going to feel bad emotionally. Our mind will feel like something is missing.

Its important to remember that we are creatures that like instant gratification, and a nice icecream can give this, while an healthy body cannot.

Therefore in my diet plans for my clients i always remember to include a day or sometimes two days called cheat days. In these days, my clients are allowed to eat what they want (withtout exagerating of course!). This way, they can stay on track much longer and in the end get much better results compared to what fasting (digiuno per dimagrire) can provide.

The only thing that i ask my clients to do in cheat days is taking supplements. They are very important for our health, and since pizza and chocolate dont contain vitamins and minerals, at least they can get them through supplements.

The ones i always sugget to take are multivitamins and omega3 supplements.