Whitsunday Sailing Adventures
Everyone has dreamed about watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean from their own desert island. It is, effectively, the default ideal of anyone who does not already live on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean. With Whitsunday sailing, you can make that dream a reality.

The Whitsunday islands consist of 74 individual landmasses, of which only eight have constant residents. They rise out of the Great Barrier Reef, which stands as a monument to the stunning capabilities of life and nature and to the ruthless pragmatism of Australian naming conventions.

Select the appropriate vessel from those available sailing out of Airlie Beach, Queensland, and you could be camping on the white sands of your own private island, with no other human life for miles. After a night far from any light pollution, enjoying the stunning light show provided by the Milky Way galaxy, you will be in the best possible place to be amongst the first to see the sun rise, phoenix-like, out of the mind-bendingly vast Pacific.

Words do not adequately describe the sensation of being so far from the rat-race. Such a simple event a consequence of the most basic of astronomical mechanics will take on a significance beyond anything else you have experienced. This is a real life-changer.