Can you say gross? Surely you can. Isnt that what you assume gluten free bread tastes like? Most people, when theyre told they had celiac disease, ran to the quickest non-gluten food around, and discovered it tasted absolutely horrible.

Great, they thought, this is my life. Then they learned about wonderful innovations like gluten free cake recipes. Who wouldve thought, right?

But still even with these kinds of foods at their disposal, there was no way that theyd be able to find bread that they could eat, right? I mean, thats what bread is, isnt it, a haven for gluten?

Yes, and no.

You see, so many people out there run out and buy gluten free bread thats also soy free, egg free, corn free and casein free. They think the have to cover all their bases just to be safe. But its just not true.

There are plenty of breads out there you can eat that dont taste like cardboard and dont crumble like a broken-hearted woman. You can even buy a type of frozen bread that works well if you defrost per usage, and then toast before serving.

Studies show that people who dont know they are eating altered bread have no idea that its gluten free. Of course youre going to tell the difference if you know youre eating it because youre biased, which is why when you go out and buy this type of bread, youre bound to dislike it. But if you were to have someone else do the shopping for you, and not tell you that they bought gluten free foods, then chances are youll not even tell the difference, aside from feeling a lot better at the end of the day because youre not reacting badly to the gluten.

Whats your best bet? Go food shopping with an open mind.