The thing that first comes to mind when I think of heaven and hell is God because I believe that He created evil too. If we are to really believe that Heaven exists then for sure we believe that Hell exists too because these two ideas came from one and that is God. It is hard though to believe that a fallen angel actually created hell because some say that Hell came about because an angel wanted to go against because of the tempting power that God has. This particular angel actually believed that he was the equal of God and therefore, He gave the angel an alternate kingdom to govern and that is Hell. This angel is believed to be called Satan. For me, heaven and hell is as simple as people would believe it to complex. Heaven and hell is like coupon and Amazon coupon code for me. They are two identities pushing and pulling me towards the other so I am forced to stay in the middle though there are times that I am more concentrated on the other one I still can’t help but be pushed or pulled back to the center. Though there are speculations that Heaven and Hell might not be as true as we thought they were and that they were actually just adaptations from other religions. It can actually be seen that there is also a Heaven for Buddhists known as Nirvana. However, this Nirvana simply means being void of sin and desire that you have been enlightened to purity. Though no matter how evil Hell is I can’t help but think that if there is no Hell then there is any Heaven because there would be no strong desire to refuse Hell so you strongly believe in Heaven and do everything to enter the perceived to be paradise. So for me Hell is as important to us as Heaven is.