Question: How many treatments are needed for you to say that laser hair removal was indeed successful? When I checked the no no hair removal reviews,it was mentioned that some people had to undergo 8-12 sessions before they were able to see results.

Answer: You will need 4-6 treatments to destroy almost all of the hairs in the area. I had laser hair removal done 6 years ago and I don’t know what happened but my hairs no longer grew back. New hair can develop, however, during aging or hormonal changes like menopause. So you have to understand that. The treatment was fantastic for me but make sure you go to someone knowledgeable and with good equipment. Most people who get bad results are treated with sub par equipment or a technician who doesn’s understand the settings. If done properly it will kill the hair follicle so it doesn’t grow back. But sometimes it takes several treatments to work.

Now I can’t stress the importance of getting laser hair removal done in a well established clinic. Because there have been a lot of cases when people when people ended up with poor results due to the improper handling of the technician. So make sure you do your research first.