Caloric deficits are perhaps the most important factors when trying to get in shape and lose a lot of weight. It is simply not possible to get in the best shape unless you are in a caloric deficit that forces you to burn excessive amounts of body fat and excess body weight here. One of the overriding issues a lot of women encounter here is that being able to maintain a caloric deficit can present many challenges and if you are not ready to tackle the challenges you are less likely to get good results. And perhaps one of the most common challenges here is being able to maintain a caloric deficit while simultaneously doing a significant and substantial amount of exercise.

A caloric deficit alone is not that challenging to maintain as long as you do not restrict your caloric intake too much, but once you add exercise into the equation it becomes infinitely more difficult to maintain progress and to control hunger. So one excellent thing you can do here to control your levels of hunger is to simply make sure that you are not consuming excessive amounts of sugar and also make sure that you are getting a lot of high quality sleep every single night. An inability to get high quality sleep every night will always make it more difficult to control your levels of hunger because you will disrupt your levels of insulin sensitivity.

Remember that insulin sensitivity ultimately regulates how much sugar gets pushed into your active tissues versus your fat tissues. Regrettably, more sugar going to your fat tissues will always decrease your levels of energy. So it really is in your best interest to control your levels of hunger by effectively controlling the total amount of insulin resistance within your body. Also, do not underestimate the power of vegetables and protein for controlling your hunger. You can learn more about this here: