With thousands of new supplements being introduced in the market, it is rare to find something that actually works. This is because some of these supplements have false claims of benefits. Health enthusiasts nowadays look not only to the effects of these supplements but they also look closely into the ingredients and components of each pill. One of the most contested and most effective at the same time is the diatomaceous earth. Many supplements include this precious mineral like the most famous silica supplements. Critics claim that this is harmful and is not healthy to ingest but in fact there are many diatomaceous earth health benefits. Over time, it is proven to help in most digestion problems. Not only that, the long list of diatomaceous earth health benefits continue with aid for detoxification and bones and joints restoration. Who does not want that? All of us ages and grows old and so does our body and when that happens, we should turn on attention on supplements that can help us repair the damages. Diatomaceous earth not only repels but helps you to avoid having any of these illnesses. The claims of its effectiveness are not just in the books, it is proven by people who actually used it and know it works. It is not only their words but also their medical records show great improvements before and after taking of the supplements. Now that is a winner.