If you want to become an X ray technologist you must undergo the required training at an accredited and approved x ray tech schools in MN. After undergoing the training you must undertake the required Minnesota State certification examinations before you can finally be allowed to practice as an X ray technologist in Minnesota or in any other State of the US. As an x ray technologist, you will be trained on how to take images of various parts of the human body by use of the modern radiology equipments.

The following are some of the popular accredited x ray tech schools in MN

Argosy University:

This college, which has its campus in Saint Paul, offers Associate degrees in Radiation Therapy and Medical Laboratory Technology as well as bachelor degree in Medical Technology

Anthem College:

This college in Minneapolis offers certificate and diploma programs in x ray technology. It also offers a Diploma program in surgical technology. The college offers some financial aid to the students that qualify for admission in to its Certificate, Diploma, Associate or other study programs.

Rasmussen College:

This college campus is located in Mankato and it offers training up to Associate degree level.

Everest Institute

This college which has campus in Saint Paul offers general medical training including X ray imaging technology.

Colleges that offer online training in Minnesota

Kaplan University:

If you are searching for one of the X ray technician schools in Minnesota where you can undertake the studies ONLINE, this is one of the best choices.

Other colleges that offer online training include

-Bellevue University (it offers ONLINE training up to Bachelor Degree in Health Science),
-Allied Health Institute offers training up to Electrocardiograph Technician,
-Independence University,
-Columbia Southern University, and
-Ashworth College

In most of these online X ray technician schools in Minnesota you are allowed to contact the online tutor and agree on the best time of training.