There is no doubt in the fact that every individual is fond of luxury cell phones. But that doesn’t mean that the importance of wrist watches is reducing. Nowadays many people like to wear a wrist watch because it not just a timepiece but also signifies their style statement. We can’t deny this fact that cell phones have built-in timekeeper but still most of the people prefer to wear a wrist watch. It acts as an accessory that suits best at every occasion whether it is an official or a formal one.

Sometimes people feel that they didn’t need to wear a wrist watch because they have cell phones. It doesn’t mean that popularity of cell phones has diminished the trend of wrist watches. No doubt that these gadgets are more efficient than wrist watches but nothing fetches the place of wrist watches in our life. For example if you are going on some formal occasion then you must carry your cell phone as your personal need but when it comes to show your style, only a wrist watch can help to add spark in your style statement. There are many brands available in the wrist watch industry that provide high-class luxury wrist watches such as Rolex milgauss, Omega, Swiss etc.