When me and my husband got married last spring I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to hire a Chicago wedding photographer. We were expecting more than one hundred guests at my wedding. I assumed that most of these guests would plan on taking pictures of both the ceremony and reception, so what was the real purpose in hiring a professional. Surely out of the thousands of pictures that were sure to be captured by my family and friends I would be able to find more pictures then I could ever need. With this logic in mind, me and my husband decided that we would save our money and not hire a professional photographer. Just to make sure there were enough pictures we bought disposable cameras and placed several on each table at the reception and asked the guests to please take as many pictures as they wanted. If the guest wrote their name on the camera, we would gladly supply them with a copy of all the pictures they had taken in return for all their help.

When we finally developed all of the pictures I could not believe what I was seeing. More than half of the pictures were completely out of focus or entirely too dark to see. There were several other pictures taken of things such as the floor or ceiling. It was as though a kindergarten class had taken my wedding photos. In the end I didn’t even have enough photos to scrapbook my wedding pictures. Every time I look at my wedding album, I regret not hiring a Chicago wedding photographer.