Some people take throat problems very seriously. Other people will simply discard the problems. Most of the cases, sore throat will heal by itself. You need not have to become panic. But, some cases it can be harmful also. If sore throat does not heal by itself in 3 or 4 days, then you need to visit a doctor for treatment. If you do not have much resistance in your body, then the chance for getting sore throat is more. Infections can be of different types. Some virus will remain in our body and cause problem when our body become weak. These viruses can cause a sore throat in you. Bacterias too can cause a sore throat in you. Removing this bacteria is harder. So, antibiotics should be taken in order to remove them from your body. A thrush can trigger sore throat in you. In this case you can see white patches in your throat. Allergies can also cause a sore throat in you. Some food substances will also cause a sore throat. If you shout or raise your sound for a long time, then it will cause a sore throat. Voice training can be done in order to avoid this.