The latest in Spring footwear fashions have arrived and if you are as fond of a great pair of shoes as I am it is time to start getting excited! This year’s styles are trending towards the colorful. You won’t find a lot of muted or neutral shades in popular shoes this Spring. If you enjoy bright red, neon pink, and other colors that pop then you will really like what is in stores right now. Everything from pumps to sandals is brightly colored!

As for styles you have the traditional pumps, heels, and sandals of all sorts. One thing I noticed is that the heels on just about every type of shoe seem to be getting higher. Personally I am not a fan of high heels but some girls love them. If you like to stand tall then this is definitely your year! For those of us who are afraid of taking our shoes to new heights there are some styles that feature no heel at all.

If you want to save money on your Spring shoe shopping, here is a quick tip. You can find many printable coupons online that are good at local shoe stores. It’s really easy to search for and print out a coupon before you leave. For example, I found a Famous Footwear coupon for 15% off last week and because I was buying so many shoes at once I saved enough to make at least one pair virtually free. Do you like free shoes? I like free shoes! So definitely check out coupons.

Overall there is a lot to like about Spring shoe fashion for 2012. That said, the styles and colors that are hot right now are drastically different than those that graced the shelves as late as last year. If you want to update your wardrobe and shoe collection for the latest fashions now is definitely the time to do so.