Recycling items like gold or cell phones is really easy. For instance, you can access this website and find companies that recycle gold after they buy it from you. Some materials in require special attention in the process of garbage collection. They are dangerous products that come along with public health risks. So be aware that some trash needs special handling.

Pesticides are a great example of that kind of waste. The pesticide containers must be returned to the manufacturers. Packages must be rinsed three times with water before sending it to the collection. The water used in rinsing must be used in applying the product. After rinsing they must become unusable by being perforated or cut to prevent them from being used again.

Batteries are manufactured with metals like lead and cadmium. Once they are discarded into the environment, these metals end up contaminating the water and are causing serious diseases to humans. Batteries should be returned to manufacturers take steps to recycling. However, the placement of special collection containers in supermarkets has also become a common practice. Whether we are talking about cell phone or regular batteries, these items require special care and should never be thrown away in the trash.