Making a living online is something which more and more people seem to be interested in. Of course, that may be prompted by the economic climate, which is somewhat less rosy than most people would like, but it might equally simply be due to the fact that more people realize the importance of financial independence these days.

It’s not just a matter of making lots of money, it’s not even a matter of being your own boss – although these can certainly be drivers for a great many budding internet entrepreneurs. Many people choose to run their internet business as a bit of a sideline – a part time method of supplementing their monthly paycheck rather than a means to get rich.

Whilst that scenario doesn’t exactly fit in with the “fire your boss” and “get rich quick” ethos of many online business opportunities, it is, in fact, a very sensible approach to take. It allows new internet marketers to gradually ease themselves into the world of online business and to take the time to learn the ropes whilst still having the security of a salary month after month.

After the learning process has been sufficiently advanced, an online business can be run with relatively little input in terms of either time or money. Of course, you can put more of both these commodities into your internet empire should you wish – and that might boost your profits – but it’s very much your decision.

The fact is that an internet business can be run perfectly well in just a few hours a week – and it will still be able to generate sufficient income to make a difference to the level of financial freedom which many people enjoy. In the event that something does go awry in your corporate career, it will be a lot easier to ramp up a part time internet business that is already making money than it would be to start from scratch. Why put all of your eggs in one basket after all?