Many people choose to visit the town of Oberstdorf because of how relaxing and peaceful it is. Someone visiting Oberstdorf will be able to view the Bavarian Alps from many of the hotel rooms, they will be able to get delicious food that they have never tasted before and shop in stores that are more amazing than any stores found anywhere else on earth. Oberstdorf also has many outdoor activities that will excite and fascinate people. Someone can go swim in the local lake, hiking up the Bavarian Alps and then be able to ski back down them. After a long day of outdoor activities, someone can choose to go and relax with a deep tissue massage at the local spa. Feeling relaxed while you are vacationing in Oberstdorf comes like second nature because there is nothing but peace and relaxation surrounding you. It is the ideal vacation spot for anyone. You can also stay at a wonderful Hotel in Oberstdorf. Oberstdorf has so much to offer: Nature, culture, and wellness. There are a lot of wellness hotels and wellness activities in Oberstdorf. You can just lay back and relax. Oberstdorf is also only a couple of minutes away from King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein Castle. It is known around the world as Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.