There are several key factors you should know or consider before asking a girl out. What does this girl likes? Consider physical items such as cars, sports, shopping, dogs or rabbits. Consider her personality. Does she likes to laugh? (Hint: most girls do) Does she likes scary things like haunted houses or scary movies? Find out what she likes and match those interests with your own. Many like pretty things guys find silly such as flowers and cards. Again, these do not have to cost a lot of money, but should be considered when making plans. You can take her for a picnic lunch overlooking a lake and then on a walk through a nature trail to enjoy the flowers and birds as an example. Most of all, a girl wants to feel special. If you truly want to be successful when asking a girl out, you have to make her feel like she is the only girl in the room. Give her all of your attention; be nice, considerate to her before asking her out. You also need to be considerate to others because you never know when she is watching you when you are not paying attention. Oh, and good luck!