Many commercial hair products contain chemical compounds that can do more harm than good. These chemicals not only damage the hair but can also cause a variety of health problems with long-term use. Consumers who want to avoid contact with these harsh ingredients can find a high quality all natural conditioner that leaves hair silky and smooth instead of causing it to become dry and damaged.

Consumers should read the product label and avoid any hair product that contains sodium lauryl sulfates, mureth sulfate, propylene glycol, ammonium lauryl sulfate, olefin sulfonate and any lauryl alcohol derivative. These ingredients can corrode hair follicles, irritate the oil glands and dry out the scalp. Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient in many hair products despite having links to improper eye development in children as well as the development of cataracts in adults.

Individuals with sensitive skin should use products that contain tea tree oil or beta glucan. Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that can control microbes that cause scalp irritation. Beta glucan benefits the immune system and can soothe the scalp, especially in individuals with sensitive skin.

Shea butter contains high levels of fatty acids. As an emollient, it coats the hair strands with oil to guard against moisture loss. It seals the hair to keep it from becoming dried out and frizzy. Coconut oil is another emollient that seals in moisture and makes hair shiny and strong. It is an effective leave-in conditioner for individuals with thick hair that has a lot of texture. Aloe vera contains an enzyme capable of stimulating hair follicles and preventing hair loss. It can also soothe an irritated scalp.

Natural conditioners work by gently infusing skin cells and hair follicles with oils, herbal extracts and minerals. Because they are chemical free, they are safe for the environment when washed down the drain. They restore shine and leave hair feeling smooth and soft to the touch.