In most states in America it is compulsory for persons to have auto insurance that covers the owners as well as the drivers responsibilities to others for harm and/or injuries that they cause to them. However, how it is implemented may be different from state to state. There are those states that do not have a requirement for the driver to have liability insurance, and in other states they are allowed to pay a monthly sum of money if they do not have liability insurance.

There are a number of auto insurance companies in the US obviously. However, the top ten auto insurance companies in USA are what this article will be focusing on.

Progressive is at the first place on the list of ten with respect to auto insurance companies in the United States. It is the largest insurance company in the country and has a lot of experience in the field and also proffers its customers low premium rates.

There is also GMAC Insurance Company and it proffers its customers a wide variety of insurance coverage. They opened their doors in 1939 ad presently have branches both in the US as well as in Canada. They also operate form Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Infinity is another insurance company that is also in the top ten in the USA. With this company, persons who have a good driving record with no accidents will get a great premium from them. However, if you do have previous accidents and are facing issues with getting insurance elsewhere, then they are the ones to visit.

Then there is IFA Auto Insurance which issue policies for private passengers auto insurance. However, this is done solely in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and they proffer no other kinds of insurance. This company that was established forty years ago has its focus on giving their good drivers a reward via the lowering of the cost of their policies once they sustain a driving record that is clean.

Ensurance was founded in 1999 but was off to a very slow start at the outset until it picked up greatly in popularity and is now becoming the fastest growing US insurance company.
This takes us to Allstate Auto Insurance which offers insurance covered to matured drivers as well as to teenagers. It has been in operation for seventy five years.

Another of the top ten is GEICO Auto Insurance Company and this was established seventy years ago. This acronym actually means Government Employees Insurance Company and is very good with respect to the cost of their premiums and their customers get special assistance in relation to where they are located. Allied Auto Insurance, Liberty Mutual Auto Insurance and Metropolitan Car Insurance complete the top ten list.