If you want your carpet to always look as good as new, you have to wash it professionally. It is easy to shorten the life of your carpets by washing and disinfecting them incorrectly. If you decide to do the work yourself, it will be important to gather some knowledge and skills. You will have to arrange a budget for carpet cleaning machines as well. This is if you want to always clean your rugs like a professional does. Although there are many techniques used to clean a carpet, in this article you will learn about dry-cleaning. This method is carried out with the so-called very low moisture machines or VLM and certain dry compounds.

The dry compounds are mixed with very low quantities of water to enhance the drying time. Compared to wet extraction carpet maintenance techniques, the drying method requires less physical efforts and time. Good examples of brands that make the VLM machines include Whittaker System and Host Dry. The high traffic parts of a carpet are often pre-treated prior to using the equipment mentioned above. Professionals use what they normally call traffic lane cleaners, which are special detergents that can break bonds between fibers and soil. These detergents are sprinkled on a carpet for about fifteen minutes to loosen the sticky or greasy dirt.

These chemical detergents usually have solvents such as glycol ethers and petroleum by-products that help to dissolve oily stains. The dry compound used for carpet sanitizing is usually bio-degradable and it is generally scattered over a carpet and pushed in with a handheld brush or a rotator with a functional brushing system. A machine does a better scrubbing job that a hand brush does. Would you like to understand this dry-cleaning method totally? If you do, it is advisable to find an internet cleaning forum that focuses on carpets, rugs and mats immediately.