Canon ink cartridges allow users the option to use an ink cartridge that is environmentally friendly. Following the use of the Canon ink cartridge, users can conveniently recycle the ink cartridge for free. Canon uses the plastic obtained from used Canon ink cartridges and other sources to create new Canon ink cartridges. Currently, the recycling program has allowed Canon to create hundreds of millions of new Canon ink cartridges from used and recycled Canon ink cartridges. What does this mean for the consumer? It means that by using Canon ink cartridges and participating in the Canon ink cartridge recycling program, consumers are helping to protect the environment while also able to create high quality printed documents using recycled plastic from Canon ink cartridges. Do the earth and yourself a favor, use Canon ink cartridges and recycle those same used cartridges to protect the earth and produce high quality documents for your audience.

Why should consumers use Canon ink cartridges and not ink refills provided by refillers? Reliability, the number of pages printed, functionality, and the type of ink in the cartridge are all reasons for using Canon ink cartridges and not cartridge refills. Canon ink cartridges have greater reliability than refilled ink cartridges. Ink cartridge refills have decreased reliability because the cartridges have been used numerous times and have had various ink compositions running through its components. The reliability of the Canon ink cartridge also translates into the number of pages printed by the ink cartridge. Canon ink cartridges can print more pages with a higher quality result than refilled ink cartridges. Functionality is also better with Canon ink cartridges as the components and moving parts have not become worn through repeated use. Also, canon ink cartridges use ink that is composed to ideally flow through printing components to create quality images. Refilled ink cartridges perform poorly in all aspects in comparison to Canon ink cartridges.