As technology advances in the next couple of years, it is almost certain that PCs as we know it will become obsolete. This fact is becoming more and more real as PC sales have dropped and big PC companies like Dell and HP have been scrambling to stay afloat in the market. It’s not the fault of these companies; the PC market has been steadily decline through the years because technology has been advancing. Now in a market saturated with tablets and portable devices, it’s not to say that consumers won’t need a PC it’s just now consumers are given more choices and options that they werent given back then.

Tablets and portable devices have really made an impact in today’s world. The simple idea that you can now take your computer anywhere with you without the hassle of cords has a really appealing factor. Tasks you could normally only do at home or the office, like checking and sending emails can now be done on your phone or tablet. Surfing the web has become easy as well when all you need a WiFi connection. Consumers are really buying into this wireless and portability movement and 3 out 5 people would buy a tablet over a laptop or PC. People who buy android tablets and iPad’s soon realize that their tablet replaces their home PC. With the ability to surf the web, watch movies, play games, video chat, email friends and family anywhere there is an open internet connection it’s not surprising that tablet users use their PCs and laptops less. With the battery life that can run up to 12 hours, tablets really have taken over.

The cost of tablets is becoming more and more affordable as the market becomes saturated with companies trying to make a splash with their tablets. Although Apple still holds quite a large share, other brands are making their presences known.