Suzie did not like her vegetables one bit but her mom, Cassie, always made her eat them. Suzie knew she had to clean her plate and wash it before she could leave the kitchen so she waited until her mom was out of the room so she could wash her vegetables down the drain. It seemed to be working quite well for Suzie until Cassie realized the drain was not draining properly. Cassie did not know what to do so she researched online and typed in plumber Riverside CA. She found a plumber that she liked and gave them a call. The plumber told her he could be there soon so Cassie cleaned up the house a little and set with Suzie to play. When the plumber arrived he went right to the kitchen and took a look at the drain. He realized that he would have to take the plumbing apart to clear the drains. He got his tools out and opened up the drains. He got out a bucket and began draining the piping. He showed Cassie what was stuck in the plumbing and she looked straight at Suzie. Cassie went and set down with Suzie after the plumber left and explained to her why she had to eat her vegetables and why she could not put them down the drain. Her drain was fixed and she was happy. She will not forget to search for, plumber Riverside CA, the next time she has any plumbing needs.