1.Wake-up A solid warm-up will let you lift more weight later, meaning added muscle. Remember, the point of your warm-up is to open joints, stretch ligaments, tendons, increase your muscle temperature and wake up your nervous system, says strength coach Sean McPhillips. It will mean you can move more weight for more reps later. If you are doing a heavy session, start with basic bodyweight movements to get things firing.

2.Unleash bell Add kettlebell moves to your warm-up to prime your muscles. Swings and presses will get everything firing, says McPhillips. It will also add a bit of volume to your workout.

3.Ramp it up Dont just jump in at the heaviest weight you can lift. Working up to a top set of three to five reps after seven sets of progressively lighter weights allows you to do speed work early on, and then go on to some heavy work too, says strength coach Joseph Lightfoot. It also keeps the volume high. So make sure the bars moving fast when the weights are low.

4.Rest / Pause This technique is highly effective for building muscle. Rest/pause training stimulates growth through high fatigue in the working, says trainer Mike Campbell. Pick a weight you can lift for ten reps and do eight reps. Rest for 20 seconds, then do as many reps as possible, then rest another 20 seconds and repeat. If your arms are not ablaze, you have done it wrong.

5.Squeezy does it When you are lifting for strength, you will often do reps without focusing on movement quality. If you want to build muscle, that is a mistake. At the top of each rep, pause and squeeze the target muscle, says personal trainer Adam Gethin. This process known as an isometric contraction, can help maximize muscle fibre recruitment.

6.Eat well Avoid eating junk food such as fast food you can from McDonald. The fat content is just too high for you to build muscle. Instead, you should focus on muscle building diet. Try to find out how much protein to build muscle for your body.