There are many levels of expertise in the Cisco certification program. The top tier is the CCIE where you specialize in Internetwork systems. There is also the CCNP where you are already considered as a professional in the field of networking and the Cisco CCNA which is an associate, entry level position for networking. Certifications are provided when you past the required examination. It is an online examination and will require you skills and industry knowledge about all aspects of networking. Your goal is to pass the test so that you can be certified and be able to use this for job applications.

When should you try the CISCO CCNA?

Some graduating students are interested in getting this certification. However, it is not that easy. There are many objectives that need to be met to pass the test though applying and paying for it is very easy. It shows that everybody can take their chance to be certified but it does take a lot of hard work to really pursue a certification and possibly level up your career to a much higher level. Then again, it is highly recommended to study first and train before you take the CISCO CCNA because the tests are definitely not that easy as you might want to think. Even if this is an entry level certification, it really has a big chance of expanding your career portfolio and opens you up to more competitive career options.

CISCO CCNA training is a necessity.

Nowadays, you can purchase books relevant to CISCO CCNA. You can also go online and find tons of resources and references regarding this career. However, some experts deem that instructor based training is more effective since this allows you to address more complex aspects about networking, more than books and sample tests could offer. You have to choose the right training that you feel will offer the best results for your CISCO CCNA. Again, at this point, you want to get the certification, but at the same time the training will also prepare you for the bigger challenges ahead.


When you pass the CISCO CCNA, the certification will last 3 years. Aside from this, you can also take the professional certification test if you want to level up your credentials. Again, it takes considerable effort and a lot of industry experience to be able to pass the professional certification. There is also the CISCO CCNA wireless, voice and security.