When you need to send small files such as text files and many more, it is easy to send them over the internet as email attachments. However, when one needs to send large files, such as 3D CAD files or digitized blueprints, user faces a lot of problem. Architects and engineers employed at large firms frequently find it necessary to transfer big files. So there is great need of methods which involve the large file transfer. One can do free file transfer via filestofriends and lot more file sharing sites.

First of all, the time required to upload files of those sizes can be considerable. Even a dedicated FTP site can require several minutes, and in some cases it can take an hour or more to send files online with these methods. That’s just the upload; file types that are that big can also be a problem on the receiving end, and one has very little control over what system or software is being used by the recipient.

This is another problem when one must send large files. FTP requires specific software, and these applications are far from being standardized. Furthermore, they can be complicated and difficult to use, particularly for those who have limited experience with computers and the fine points of internet technology. Besides FTP, there are several other methods used to transfer large files over internet.