Today I write about one of the 80′s most epic movies.

Brian De Palma broke through with the adaptation of Stephen King’s Carrie. Scarface is his tribute to the classic gangster movie “Scarface – The Shame of a Nation” from 1932, directed by Howard Hawks. The new script was written by Oliver Stone.

In this movie has Chicago been replaced with something more colorful Miami in the 80′s environment, and this is about Cuban Tony Montana. He is one of many criminals who have been thrown out by Fidel Castro, and try their luck in Miami with various crimes. He quickly discovers what he want to do, but do not understand that drug and violence has a downside. He goes more and more towards his doom.

Al Pacino is absolutely brilliant as Tony Montana.
Every facial feels genuine. In supporting roles are strong cards as F. Murray Abraham, Robert Loggia, Michelle Pfeiffer and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Steven Bauer plays Tony’s Cuban pal Manny.

Scarface is an epic masterpiece. Maybe not quite on par with the first two Godfather films, but it stands strong on its own, proving greatness.

In its time the film was criticized hugely for of the heavy violence and the perception of the drug, but today has been re-evaluated by both critics and audiences. The film has developed a cult classic, often referenced, and in writing, released a double DVD of the film, which also contains the rough censored TV version.

Scarface is a two-hour and forty-five minutes long gangster saga that is not for the sensitive viewer.
If you can, however, by the initial chainsaw scene should not have problems with the rest of the material.

Whatever one thinks about it, one can not deny that it is an unforgettable movie experience!