There is no doubt whatsoever that well applied makeup can instil a sense of beauty and confidence in a woman. It can highlight features and downplay small imperfections which go a long way in making a woman look extremely stylish and glamorous. So whether one is talking about lipsticks or eyeliners or creams, all of them form a part of the beauty arsenal so to speak!

As important as it is to learn how to apply make-up properly it is also important that all of it comes off before one hits the bed in the night. The importance of removing make-up is primarily because it can otherwise block the pores of the skin. Of course with products like clarisonic mia you can easily unblock these pores but it is definitely recommended that you remove all traces of makeup thoroughly at the end of the day. Night time is also when your skin takes a breather quite literally.

For it to regenerate and revitalise it is necessary that it is left in its natural state rather than slathered with chemicals that may be contained in makeup products. Normally it is recommended that you use gentle products such as baby oil and other cleansers meant specifically for makeup removal. Start with your eyes and finish up with the rest of your face.