These cocker spaniel training tips focus exclusively on potty training and management. Unlike other cocker spaniel training tips that are more pleasant and easy to use, this is slightly messy but none the less not something that can be avoided.

The first crucial step in potty training is to identify signs that your cocker spaniel needs to go potty. Some obvious signs include irregular behavior, going around in circles, sniffing for spots where they can excrete etc. Guiding them to the appropriate spot i.e. the toilet and doing so repeatedly is advised. It is also recommended to give the dog a treat every time he obeys you. Use of rewards and praises as well as visual recognition of their learning of potty training is very essential. Doing so will motivate them to repeat the act and do potty at the right place. Cocker spaniels are extremely sensitive in nature and you should keep this in mind while using these cocker spaniel training tips.