Online marketing strategy is something that you should look into diligently. Today, the world has come closer because of internet. A person sitting in one corner of the world can chat and interact with another person sitting in another corner. The world is your oyster, marketing your product or service online will only make sense, if you are ready to provide it and have the roots of ‘customer is the king’. Only then would you be able to benefit from online marketing. The first step you need to take for this is to have your web presence. For that you would be required to build a website. There are many players in the market, who would willingly help you make your website and host it on their server such as blue host. There are companies that specialize in specific industry type or service based or product based websites. If you are a novice in this, they will help you to choose the right decor of your website to make it more attractive for the target audience of your products or services. Then, you need to start making your marketing strategy to make your presence felt on the websites, where your target customers are likely to visit.