Washington DC has experienced tremendous growth and continues to position itself as a leader in both civic and business development. Along with this renewed commitment, comes an increased demand for professionals within the legal community. Now would be the perfect opportunity for individuals interested in an online law degree to carefully consider the advantages in Washington DC.

Online law degree studies in Washington DC offers the curriculum choice to meet the needs of each individual career pursuit.

1.Juris Doctor (JD): Required prior to applying for the Washington DC State Bar Exam. Upon successful completion and meeting all other prerequisites and statutory requirements, graduates will become eligible to practice law.

2.Executive Juris Doctor (EJD): The perfect alternative for those simply wishing to elevate their knowledge of the law, without any specific intentions of becoming a practicing attorney.

Foreign Law School:

The term Foreign Law School means any school located outside of the United States and its protectorates that is accredited by that jurisdictions legal accreditation body if one exists and whose graduates are otherwise permitted by that jurisdictions highest court to practice law.

The ease and availability of receiving an online law degree in Washington DC makes it possible for those with existing jobs or family commitments to realize their goals without disrupting everyday life. Upon completion you will enjoy tremendous recognition, along with the benefits and choices awarded to legal professionals.

Employers usually do not require a specific field of study for investment advisers, but a bachelors degree in accounting, finance, economics, business, mathematics, or law provides good preparation for the occupation. Courses in investments, taxes, estate planning, and risk management also are helpful. Programs in financial planning are becoming more widely available in colleges and universities. However, many investment advisers enter the field after working in a related occupation, such as accountant, auditor, insurance sales agent, lawyer, or securities, commodities, and financial services sales agent.