Online coupons like Converse promo code and Toms promo code are great ways of saving money online. They give you great discounts on many things and allow you to save on money for almost about anything clothes, grocery items, travel tickets and so on. However, no matter how great they sound, online coupons can also be used to scam people out of their hard earned money. There are several ways that this can be done.

One, scammers can use online coupons to lead you to phishing sites. This happens this way: say there is a contest for a free coupon that will get you 50% off on the purchase of the of the latest iPhone generation phone. Of course you want that phone, and so you join the contest in order to get the coupon. However, you will discover that what happens in the contest is that you have to fill out one survey after another, giving away your email address as part of the process. Just when you thought you are done with one, another one pops out, this goes on and on and on until you just finally give up. But then remember you gave out your email addresses to the previous surveys so the flood of spam mails never stop.

Online coupons like paper coupons can also be faked. As technology continues to develop, many people are learning the tips and tricks of how to manipulate computer programs with a few clicks on the mouse and taps on the keyboard. These counterfeit coupons are so good that you cant even tell which is real and which is fake. Also, the use of social media and other similar platforms make it easy for scammers to distribute these counterfeit coupons.
So be careful even when you are shopping online. There are many bad people out there who are after your money and will utilise anything even online coupons to get your money.