If you recall the high-profile case between the patent attorney of Christian Louboutin and the lawyers of Yves Saint-Laurent, you probably have an idea about how complicated a patent infringement case can be. What happened was that YSL released designer heels that had the similar red sole that Louboutin has patented. The result was a multi-million dollar case. The patents lawyer of Louboutin has been quite notorious for filing cases against other businesses that have copied the patented red sole.

Sure, you may think that it would be ridiculous to sue other people just because they released shoes that have similar red soles. However, the law states that the company has every right to do that precisely because they own the patent on red soles. If you are an artist or an entrepreneur who comes up with your own ideas and innovations, you can probably empathize with the company. You should not hold back and get your own patent lawyers right now.

A patent agent plays a very important role in the success of people who own patents. If you have no one to protect your exclusive right to your ideas, you will be eaten alive by your competitors. You should not let them make a profit out of your ideas.