Starting an office in the current Hong Kong office rental market is arguably easier than it is in any other tier one city in China. The rates are lower comparatively but the quality of services is not very different. The Hong Kong office rental market provides prestigious office spaces in posh buildings and business centres accompanied with all the services and perks expected in comparable cities like Beijing and Shanghai. Many professional realtors provide you with all the necessary information regarding office space, services, cost, location and support services putting you in a better position to decide the best for your company. The basic services and spaces available in any standard building include exclusive furniture executive office rooms, conference halls, IT and communication centres and cafeteria or recreation spaces.

Hong Kong is a city with a growing economy and prospects competing fast paced with other major cities in China. It has been colonized for a long time, so the city is a cultural mix, which is reflected in the architecture and the business practices. Hong Kong statistics present the fastest growing per capita income in the world which clearly explains the economic growth. Lined with skyscrapers, Hong Kong presents a wide variety of residential as well as office space options.