Taking a trip to the heart of London is usually a great experience whether its for work or for pleasure, and its not really surprising when you consider that London is the capital of the UK, it is the largest city – covering 607 square miles – and it is soon to be the host for the 2012 Olympics. However, trying to navigate the various transport systems that are available can often become confusing. Obviously, for those of us who are wealthy enough, a black cab or taxi is the easiest way to get around – but if your finances dont allow for this sort of luxury then no doubt youll probably have to take to the buses or railways.

London has one of the worlds oldest underground rail networks and consequently one of the most complicated; therefore it isnt a great place to lose any possessions. But if you do find yourself caught out then there are left luggage Kings Cross services available. It is surprising just how useful these services can be, where once people would reluctantly accept the inevitability that is tied in with losing possessions on public transport, now there is hope that you might yet see them again.