Work injury claims on accidents at work are necessitated by not only the pain and damage they cause, but also the dent they put on the employee’s ability to work and grow financially in the short-term, and in more severe cases, long-term. It is this lost time and moneythat is the basis of a work injury claim. Work injuries range from a broken finger to a broken neck and are more often than not a result of an oversight on the part of the employer. Work injury claims are dependent upon the cause and severity of the injury and may include medical expenses coverage by the employer, travel expenses coverage as well as financial compensation for permanent damage due to injury. An employee could also seek compensation for the pain and suffering they went through. The employee is also eligible for compensation for loss of ability to earn money in the event that they can no longer work due to the injury. It is therefore the employer’s responsibility to compensate the employee if they contract an industrial disease. For more information you should have a look at some of the options open to you on the World Wide Web as soon as possible.