When I decided to give myself a body makeover, my intention was to do it through diet and exercisethe good old fashioned way. I worked at that for a long time, and lost both pounds and inches. I started to feel pretty good about myself except for one thing.my abdominal muscles. For some reason no matter how hard I worked, I could not seem to lose that last bit of flab that wanted to hang on to my abdomen. I did countless crunches and sit ups. I tried everything that every personal trainer had ever told me to do. Nothing was giving me those abs that I so desperately wanted. Finally I gave in and bought myself a flex belt. I had seen them advertised and thought it looked like a great product, but it also felt a lot like cheating to me. I prided myself on my willpower and dedication to come as far as I had already come, and I didnt want to let anyone in on my secret. I began wearing the flex belt, and after a few weeks I began to receive a lot of compliments from my friends. People at the gym were even asking me to give them workout tips because my abs looked so good!