Every living being experiences anxiety at one or the other stages of life, and it is normal to feel anxious as it creates an inner fear which makes the person to take care of the event and come out with proper outcome; however, certain level of anxiety gives good platform to perform

But when the level of anxiety becomes intense, it will not be helpful as it produces symptoms like uncomfortable feeling, fear, and worries about the incident even before it happens, not allowing us to do what exactly we need to do.

When a person thinks that he is in danger, his heart beats faster; he imagines that something awful is about it happen, and he becomes anxious. This is how a person makes his anxiety keep going. Anxious person tends to avoid situations, but this avoidance is not always good as it creates an unreal fear.

As anxiety is not an illness; overcoming anxiety is more likely manageable, for which one has to understand the anxiety better which will reduce the physical symptoms, altering the thoughts of anxiety, and this will change the behavior caused by anxiety.

Nowadays, life is very stressful; one cannot lead the life without being stressed, but can always find out ways to break the stress and reduce the self- pressure that we put upon our self