When you start thinking about educating yourself in Forex there are some key areas that you should look at. Learning about Forex is made up of three main sections.

The first area that you need to learn about is the basics. Here you need to gain an understanding of what the Forex markets are and how they operate. This will give you a good foundation and understanding on which to build you trading knowledge.

The second area you need to educate yourself in is fundamental analysis. This covers the economic factors that move markets and dictate the price movements in currency pairs. News and data releases can quickly change the outlook for a currency in relation to its peers. Therefore you should also try to understand the impact that releases could potential have on any currency pairs that you are looking to trade.

The final area that you need to familiarize yourself with is technical analysis. This is the study of price movements in relation to their historical moves. It will help you to identify times in the market that you can enter it to profit.

Once you have studied each of these areas of the Forex market you will then have the basic knowledge to succeed. However you should continue to read more about the markets and the Forex systems and strategies to use in order to build your profits.