Some of us may not have known it, but the kitchen can be the best place at home to relieve stress. Far from the usual stress-relieving silence brought by the solemnity of your patio, garden, bedroom or study room, the kitchen can be the only area where you can keep your mind and body busy keeping you away from all the anxieties you hold from within. Cooking now is becoming more a hobby for a lot of people than a task; they take joy in savoring the aroma of steaming fish and freshly cut ingredients. It is not only by eating that you should appreciate food. The process of cooking does not only involve putting the pan on top of the stove and wait until it simmers. In some cultures, one dish requires not only hours but even days to accomplish, before you can even taste the food. Cooks and cooking enthusiast alike can be happy only when they see their food being appreciated by other people.

That is why the kitchen must be in its best possible form. Nothing is more important to a cook that a workplace kept clean and tidy, functional and accommodating. The lights must illuminate each and every corner. A natural light source from a window nearby would be the best during daytime. The tiles must be neat and dry, moisture attracts the growth of some bacteria and even insects like cockroaches. The kitchen tools does not need to be the most expensive ones, they only have to be of good quality for faster and easier cooking. The use of light cast iron cookware is ideal for healthy cooking. The knives must be kept in a place where it is secured and cannot be easily reached by children. These sharp objects must also be regularly checked and wiped right after washing so that rust would not accumulate on the blade.