There are many reviews about the LG 47LK520 HDTV posted online. Each has its own way of interpreting LGs latest product. In this post, we put some important details in this LG 47LK520 Review. Let us check first its exterior appearance.

The 47LK520 has a screen size of 47 inches. Everything is colored glossy black from the bezel frame down to its swivel stand. For its physical dimensions, the width is 44.9″, depth is 10.6″ and the height is 29.8″ with stand. The weight is 44.8 lbs. The 47LK520 can be mounted on the wall by using a 200 mm x 200 mm mounting pattern. For picture display, this TV has a 1920 x 1080 native resolution and uses a TFT active matrix LED backlight technology. Its refresh rate is 120 Hz and the dynamic contrast ratio is 150000:1. These specifications have allowed the LG 47LK520 to display vivid colors and well-balanced contrasts. This unit can also show images at full 1080p HD the highest pixel rate quality of todays HDTVs.

As an accompaniment of this post, we made an E220VA Review here. The color of the E220VA is glossy black from top to bottom, which is the stand. It has a screen size of 22 inches. Its physical dimensions with stand is 20.6″ in width, 14.1″ in height and 5.0″ in depth. The sets gross weight is 13.5 lbs. The E220VA can be mounted on the wall by using a device with a 75 mm x 75 mm mounting pattern. For its video display, the E220VA has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and can display a full 1080p HD. The refresh rate is 60 Hz and a dynamic contrast ratio of 20000:1. The E220VA uses the Razor Edge Light LED backlight technology which renders its video with vivid colors and clearer contrasts.

To conclude this post, both models are Energy Star qualified. Meaning you save less energy while watching your favorite shows longer.