If you are an online marketer or blogger, who wants more traffic to your site, you will agree with me that videos are one of the best marketing and traffic creating tool. It even true that online businesses which are embracing visual marketing are getting more business than they previous did without the videos. An online marketer or accompany can upload a video on their website, for example, to explain how a certain service is offered or simply the steps of using a certain product. However,to get more likes, views and comments about a video you have uploaded online, you need to create a video that meets the expectation of your target audience. No one will seat down and continue to watch a crappy video that you made maybe from your house backyard without even taking time to completely watch it yourself to see if it would appeal to you as you would expect it to be appealing to your audience.

Like any other professional video, you need to take your time to edit your videos by using some of best video editing software for Mac for free. Such a program will allow you to easily import your videos from your Mac or any other device and edit it the best way you can.

Below, are 4 statistics of using visuals in marketing you need to know:

1. Videos unlike texts are processed 60,000 times faster and all the information that is transmitted to the brain 90% of it is visual.
2. According to SEOmoz,a giant online Search Engine Optimization consultancy firm, posts with visual content will attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts would.
3. On Facebook, videos and photos attract more likes, shares and comments than text and links
4. Online research also shows that potential buyers are 85% more likely to pay for a product after watching video about it.

With most business going online to utilize the huge internet market, a conscious entrepreneur can’t overlook the importance of creating splendid videos to attract more online customers.