One of the most important aspects of the web is ecommerce even though it was not developed for that purpose. You can have a single product business or sell as many as you like.

The only thing that matters is choosing a good product or service, and this is where most people get it all wrong. In this article, we have three truly outstanding and time-tested ecommerce tips you can bank on.

How quickly your website will appear in the browser should be under 5 seconds and even faster is better.

E-commerce sites tend to be heavy on the graphics which are well known for slowing down a site. The code needed to run your kiosks and shopping carts can also be cumbersome. You can also find other services that will analyze your site and tell you what needs to be addressed. Selling an ebook to your local area, and using local SEO, may or may not be fruitful but it’s worth trying. Google offers Webmaster Tools that allow you to tell it where your base of operations is. This is just one of the decisions you’ll need to assess and then make based on your business model. You know how Google local works, and they keep changing it so you need to get current on it. One thing about this is local search is really intended for offline businesses if you want a listing in Google.

You can never expect to make any sales if all you have are the pictures of what you’re selling. A site that has copy as well as products, however, is going to do quite a lot better. Leverage on an ecommerce store software to do this for you if you have money to spare. It will help you to save time and focus on other aspects of your business. You need to make sure that your shoppers understand why they should buy from you instead of from your competitors because the best way to do this is with effective copy. But this is not like a sales letter, and an average copywriter will have a hard time messing this up. At least you will have something there for your products, and you can go back and make any improvements if you want. It does take commitment if you want to excel at e-commerce, and it’s not for the faint of heart. Most people fail at their internet business, and if you fail then will you get back up and try again? Be sure you read our other articles on e-commerce as well as other sources. Be sure you do testing because that is one of the keys to a high converting site.