The need for various kinds of health services and medicines can strike almost any individual at any time. Therefore it becomes important and maybe even critical to locate services such as hospitals, dentists, emergency care facilities and even doctors and specialists who are within walking or driving distance from your residence. This preparedness will help you deal with almost any kind of situation that may arise in your life. Similarly it is also important to locate a drugstore closest to where you stay or work. This will help you fill out prescriptions in an emergency and also buy other non-prescription products which are essential for daily life. One of the easiest things that you can do is to log onto the website of your state or town or locality and search for the closest pharmacy. There are several mobile applications that can also help in this connection. You can also use maps and telephone exchange enquiry facilities to locate the name and address and even the telephone number of such a pharmacy. It is indeed heartening to note that there are plenty of websites that are operated by the government which can also give you information pertaining to not just a pharmacy that is close to your residence but also the other healthcare service providers as well.