Nobody could foresee the 2012 landscape when Web 2.0 first started to explode in popularity. While the process might seem painful to you, the switch over from your current marketing to the social media based marketing plans not only isn’t painful, it is something that you need to do sooner rather than later. If you have a deficit of knowledge where marketing and social sites are concerned, you need to adapt and start getting to work and learning. If you want to have any chance of finding success in web business, this is incredibly important. We’ll cover 3 important ways you can make better and smarter use of social media in your marketing.

Maybe you’re not quiet aware of how popular contests are. Contests and consumers go hand-in-hand, which has been true for many years. Most people will play in contests whenever they can, which is why this strategy has been used for years. For some reason, consumers absolutely love contests and love to enter them whenever they can. If you want to do well with contests, do yours on social media sites to get the best effect. If you do contests, social media sites (with the exception of LinkedIn) will certainly get the ball rolling. If you can, promote your Google and Circles to really start the social wheel turning. A successful contest will certainly happen for you if your prize is big enough to attract people. If you are running an ecommerce store, SaleHoo Stores may be the best ecommerce software to use to monitor the outcome of such contests. You need to pay attention to how people who read you are going to be communicating–some are accustomed to comments but others are fans of social media. There are many different methods of communication; take care not to discount any of them. Take care that you aren’t accidentally ignoring anybody who is trying to reach out to talk to you or to ask you some questions. Vigilance is the name of the game here but you know this because you’re good at what you do. This will help you build a much stronger bond with your audience. When you do this, other things come along with it and this is really important. Take all communication seriously because it is all important, as are the people who are trying to communicate with you.

An excellent strategy that many people use is to give away something for free to build their optin list. Some creative marketers are taking the approach of offering a freebie in exchange for help with social signals and marketing. It’s just like exchanging to build a list except you’re doing for a tweet, Facebook like or share. Social power is really at your fingertips when you leverage it by offering your visitors something for free in exchange for tweeting or liking what you have to offer. Encouraging people to share your blog content can be done in a variety of ways using different strategies. Any content worth sharing will be shared. That’s how it works! That’s why you need to have valuable information on your blog.

Influential forces are driving this change, and it is also the billions of people on the net who are also involved. There are many people on the web that will say Google is to blame, but that really is not the case.