Imagine the world is in black and white color that only composes of straight lines. Is not it boring to look at? Is not it too lifeless? Well, this is what the world will look like if we do not get to know fashion design.

With this fact, we can see how important this aspect is in our life.
Fashion design is very important because this give life and meaning to our clothing and accessories. Through the use of different shapes, styles, and texture, fashion designers can create a new kind of fashion that people can wear or use. It is also through fashion design that people can enhance or intensify the look of one person. With the use of designs, a person can appear taller, smaller, thinner, fatter, and a whole lot more. It is also through styles and design that a person can create the kind of personality that they have within them. They can project a personality of sadness or happiness through the use of colors and designs. That is also one of the reasons why there are specific designs for a specific person. It is also why there are different kinds of designs created every now and then. With all this, you may now know how important designs and styles are in our life.