One of the most challenging things to do as far as the computing world is concerned is properly backing up data. Backing up data means you need to have a copy of the original data so that you can use it in case of a computer crash, power spikes, accidental deletion, viruses, system failure or any other unforeseen disaster that might cause loss, theft or even damage of the original data. It is on this basis that computer data backup is very critical in any organization, business or for an individual who has vital data in his or her computer.

Cloud data backup could not have come at a better time as the best and cost effective data backup alternative. It is secure, uses less man power and time to restore data files back.

The following are some of the important reasons why online data services like Carbonite among others are being preferred by most people.


Even though you might buy external hard drives with huge storage capacities, it can all be for nothing if they also crash the same way a computer’s internal hard drive would. With online data backup there is no instance of hardware failures. It is more reliable as you can access data whenever you want to.


The security of the data you have stored online is granted by the company proving the service. The provide company has professionals trained to only ensure that the stored data is safe round the clock. With external hard disk and other remote device, once they are lost or stolen, you lose all the data as well.

Storage capacity

Hard drives store data up to a specific storage limit which means that if it is full, you have to buy a new one or delete some of the data to create space for the new data. With online data backup, you are saved this headache and what you buy is what you get. You have to buy enough space to cater for all your storage needs. Some cloud data backup services have unlimited data storage for as low as $50 per year which means you can store any size and kind of file under the sun.


Online data back up services are cost effective and are not comparable to the use of external hard drives or offsite storage packages. You can even get offers at among other companies that have awesome packages for small businesses and individuals too.