It is impossible to suggest a standard diabetic diet to all the patients suffering from diabetes. The fact is that there is nothing called as a diabetic diet. The food items chosen for a diabetes patient for the purpose of controlling glucose level in the blood are good for normal people without diabetes as well. A diabetic may take advantage of nutrisystem coupon code to choose the appropriate diet.

The quantum of carbohydrates consumed by a diabetic in a day has to be controlled strictly. This is because the carbohydrates can contribute substantially to the blood glucose. The diabetics need to control the intake of fats and proteins as well. Successful management of diabetes involves appropriate food, regular physical activity and regular intake of medicines prescribed. A qualified dietician may be consulted for suggesting a proper diet suiting the activity level, lifestyle and the personal medical conditions.

Alcohol can be consumed by a diabetic only with the permission of the doctor. Alcohol provides equal number of calories as fat does. When blood sugar is well under control, one can take alcohol occasionally and in moderation. A diabetic has to be chary of the sugar contents of wine and mixed drinks. The consumption of sugar, carbohydrates and starches in the food raises the blood sugar levels of a diabetic. The glycemic index might help control the blood glucose.