Time is of the essence when filing for lawsuits to get the necessary claims from disasters which had been caused by another party. The oil spill of 2010 which had devastated a great part of the Gulf of Mexico and damaged the livelihood as well as claimed the lives the oil tankers crew also had become a tedious battle in court for BP claims. People who decided they could not wait out the length of court hearings before they could receive compensations in the form of financial support have given up for settlements. Many were low-balled and many others received rejection on their BP recovery claims.

If you have not already filed for your BP final claim, it is the best time to do so. In the news, there has already been an official report saying that the federal judge tasked in administering the fees and compensations to claimants extended the deadline for claimants to submit their BP claim form. Although it has taken a while before people managed to accomplish this, many agencies have been on standby and ready to assist the claimants who have lost or got their properties damaged to receive their recovery claims filed against the responsible party in the BP oil spill.